Installation and Maintenance of Electronic Access Control Systems and Security Camera Solutions in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC Metro Areas

Are you tired of managing physical keys to your building? Tired of having locks rekeyed when employees leave? Tired of paying to get new keys made when you hire people?

Electronic Access Control can eliminate the physical key problem and eliminate paying a locksmith to come onsite to physically service the locks.

With Electronic Access Control you will have instantaneous control over who can enter: your building, certain rooms in your building, and even individual cabinets or racks. You can grant or deny access to each protected resource via your computer and implement the changes with the click of a mouse in real time.

But Access Control can do much more. Most phone systems can interface to the door release so you can allow remote entry from a call box. Add Security Cameras and you can see who is calling as well as talk to them.

And in an emergency you can even open a door for someone remotely (after you have verified them of course). You can even lock a door on a holiday or before the normal lock schedule if an office is closing early or unlock your front door on a Saturday if you are open unexpectedly.

And most times the cost of Electronic Access Control can be recouped by eliminating just a few locksmith visits.

Security Camera Systems (Installation and Maintenance)

The main function of a Security Camera is to provide an increased level of physical security for your business. Just the presence of video cameras can greatly reduce break-ins and even employee misconduct. Think about it, if a person knows they are being video recorded they will probably avoid criminal behavior on your property. Criminals will avoid your property for easier picking at a location without cameras. Even employees will think twice about taking something they shouldn’t.

But Security Cameras provide you with much more than physical security. Being able to view what is going on in your office can be a valuable tool in managing the office. Seeing if your waiting room is full can help you in deciding if you need to add more staff. Seeing what your front office staff is doing on their computers can help you decide to increase or decrease their work load. Seeing you have a very busy loading dock may help you decide to add another bay.

Cameras can even help you provide better patient care if you have a medical office. By strategically placing cameras to watch an inner waiting room or hallways, your staff can keep an eye on patients without having to leave their desk. If a patient seems to be having a problem a staff member can go their assistance quickly.

Cameras can also help in HR issues. An employee that is behaving badly or breaking the rules cannot refute video evidence of the infraction. They will have to explain the actions as recorded rather than being able to deny it even happened.

And what about that 2 AM call from the alarm company. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to look at your office to see if someone actually broke in rather than just the wind rattling the door or window? You can tell the alarm company that someone broke in to the office or it was just the wind with confidence.

Many of today's Digital and Network Video Recorder (DVR / NVR) Solutions are cloud accessible through the use of internet browsers and applications made for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones. This makes viewing your office space, or even multiple locations, as easy asturning on your phone.

Security Cameras can even help you with compliance requirements. For example, in data center environments Security Cameras can meet the video surveillance requirements for many audits.