Data Center Buildouts in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC Metro Areas

Data Center Buildouts by MicroServe Consulting Inc.Where are your servers? In a hot closet? Under a desk? Environmental controls, conditioned power, and fire suppression will extend your servers’ life, guard against failure, and ensure your hardware investment is money well-spent.

Location and Care of a Data Center

Properly caring for your servers is a big responsibility which should not be taken lightly. Your organization relies on continuous access to the data on your servers. Poorly planned environmental conditions reduce the life expectancy of your hardware investment and wastes energy, inflating Total Cost of Ownership. Providing the proper environment for your servers is essential.

Put MicroServe’s Expertise to Work for You.

MicroServe Consulting has been designing, building, and operating world-class data centers since 1991 in Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), and Washington DC. We have never met a challenge too large or too small that we couldn’t handle. We can provide the complete build out or any part of the process including: consultation and planning, design and specification development, hardware selection and procurement, installation including construction, electrical, and cooling, and final load testing and commissioning. We can even provide backup generators and automatic transfer switches (ATS).

Our goal is to provide you with data center solutions that fit your needs, not the biggest, fastest, or most expensive equipment for the sake of turning profits. We want to see your business succeed.

So if you need a small Server Room, a Large Data Center, or anything in between we will recommend a solution that is right for you.