Cloud Computing, Cloud Hosting, Online Storage, and Online Backup in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC Metro Areas

Maintaining servers for your organization requires a lot of unseen overhead and increases your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Not only does your organization need to invest in the computing hardware, but you must also provide software, licenses, uninterruptible power, a cool secure location, sufficient bandwidth, and trained staff to monitor your investment 24x7x365.

Most small to medium businesses do not need their server to be at the same location as their office. In fact there are many reasons that you don't want your server and data at your business location.

Move to the Cloud and Save

MicroServe Can Lower your IT Overhead if you Move your IT Equipment to our US Based Data Center. Cloud Computing, Hosting, or CoLo of Your IT Equipment can Save You Money.

Obtain instant upgrades, access your applications everywhere you have access to the Internet, and unshackle your organization from the office. Centralize your services and give yourself the flexibility to scale.

Additionally, Cloud Computing is the most environmentally friendly and GREEN approach to running your infrastructure and applications. Without the need for in-house hardware, you are thereby reducing your carbon footprint and having less of a negative effect on the environment. You will be able to boast to clients that you are operating a GREEN Network Infrastructure!

Put MicroServe’s Expertise to Work for You

Whether you need to Host your applications and data on our hardware, CoLo your hardware in our Data Center, or a combination, MicroServe Consulting is your Cloud Computing Partner. We’ll help you become more Secure, Reliable, and Productive while reducing your IT overhead and effort.

If you decide to have us host your applications and data, your organization will obtain the benefits of advanced infrastructure without having to purchase, implement, or administer it directly. As your needs grow and shift, you can rest assured knowing that your solution can scale easily without investing in hardware and software solutions that will soon become obsolete.

MicroServe Consulting has an advanced Data Center that is available to fulfill your business IT needs. The infrastructure that MicroServe has built in our Data Center would cost several hundred thousand dollars for you to duplicate. But you can use our Secure, Redundant, Hardened Infrastructure for your business at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Our Data Center provides secure remote access and high availability for your office staff and remote workers from anywhere they have Internet access. This means that your business can operate from anywhere even during inclement weather or if a disaster should befall your main location.

Some of the hosted business services we provide are: File Services, Terminal Services, SQL Server, POP3 e-Mail, Exchange, Anti-Spam, Daily Data Backup, and Data Replication.